Welcome to the Begining

Hello world! I am Paul Terry Supat II. This blog, “Mom and Pop Shops,” is about small businesses that I believe are the true core of the American economy.One place that you will never find me hanging out at are shopping malls. The reason? Because I don’t want to be a sheep. Malls nowadays offer not much in terms of self expression. Throughout my life I have always enjoyed spending my money at stores that were truly unique. I’ve been to many boutiques, barbershops, bookstores, and hole in the wall restaurants from San Francisco to Manhattan.

These places may not have locations on every corner in every city, but that is exactly the point. When I travel to different cities, I don’t want to drink coffee at Starbucks because I know what they have to offer. Let’s move past the status quo and instead find and support places whose menus or brand selection we are not familiar with.

I’ve found that most of these places offer you, not only good service, gear, or cuisine, but also a piece of the subculture that they represent. I believe this is the beauty of America. People and places are different everywhere you go. Why not learn about them and stay fresh, educated, and well fed in the process? The days of huge superstores and shopping malls are in the past (or at least in mine). Stay tuned and find out what kind of businesses true creative Americans are running!


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