Andy Nguyen’s Vegetarian Restaurant

Located on the outskirts of downtown Sacramento is a little restaurant called Andy Nguyen’s. It’s on Broadway, but don’t drive too fast because you’ll probably miss it. Although it seems like a hole in the wall, this place is a gem. It’s loaded with Asian inspired dishes that are vegetarian and vegan.

To start off your meal, they offer a great selection of appetizers. If you’re going there for the first time I highly recommend the Good Karma Sampler. It has a spring roll, a vegan egg roll, tempura okra, soy baby-back ribs, and the chef’s special (which is constantly changing). Each have their own fantastic dipping sauce and the ribs even have a makeshift bamboo shoot “rib bone.” Absolutely amazing!

The main course includes great stir fry and pho dishes. You really cannot miss here. An interesting choice is their Ten Thousand Buddhas burger. Yes, burger. It’s soy beef topped with a daikon radish and carrot slaw. Perfect mix of spicy and sweet! The side includes tempura fries. Also, they offer a crazy, ever changing selection of freshly made drinks. Fresh fruit and some tender, love, and care are the ingredients. I could talk about these complex and tasty dishes all day, but I don’t have all day, so just get out there and try them for yourself!

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Restaurant Vitals

Address: 2007 Broadway, Sacramento, CA 95818

Phone: (916)736-1157

Hours of Operation: Sunday-Monday 11AM – 9PM, Tuesday-Thursday 11AM-9:30PM, Friday-Saturday 11AM-10PM


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