DJ’s Comic Kingdom

So, everybody knows that new comics were released yesterday. Okay, so maybe you don’t (well I guess now you do). Wednesdays are the day of the week to look forward to if you’re a comic book reader. Similar to a Friday for a movie buff, or a Tuesday for a hardcore gamer. It’s the day of the week that gets us excited. You know the feeling of waiting a week for the next episode of Dexter, Weeds, The Wire, Entourage, or True Blood? For comic readers that feeling lasts a whole month! Oh, the anticipation! That’s why Wednesdays are so fantastic.

Well, there’s a comic shop located in Reno that can serve up all your super or antihero needs. It goes by the name DJ’s Comic Kingdom. They offer you everything from the Big Two (Marvel and DC) to all the independent labels such as Image. Their collection is expansive, but not too much. This is why this place is so great. If you’ve gone into a ton of comic shops like I have, you would know that some shops just absolutely suck! When I leave some shops I feel the need to call A&E and report them to the show Hoarders. Dust clouds, boxes everywhere, and old ass comics nobody cares about anymore spilling into the aisles. DJ’s is clean, organized, and up to date. All you need in a comic shop.

A great service that they offer is a saver account. This is perfect for people who are pretty busy and cant always make it to the shop first thing on Wednesday mornings. You throw down $20 (which you get back if you close the account), write down all the comics you want, pick them up whenever you can, and receive 10% off all of your purchases. Not a bad program.

This is a great shop and is well worth your attention. Support your local comic shop!

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Shop Vitals

Address: 1300 E. Plumb Lane Suite B1, Reno, Nevada 89502

Hours of Operation: Monday-Saturday 10:00AM-6:00PM

Phone: (775)827-2928


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