Custom Fixed Gear Bicycles by Mission Bicycle in San Francisco

The staff here at Mission Bicycle will craft you the bicycle of your dreams! Full customization! Their bread and butter is fixed gears, but now they offer all the way up to an 8 speed internal geared hub. The options are endless!

They offer parts from proven manufacturers to upgrade your bicycle in any way you want. They carry Brooks Saddles, Vittoria Rubino tires, Thomson Elite stems, Chris King headsets, and Sugino cranksets to name a few. Also, their shop has a plethora of accessories to go on or with your bike. Tire pumps, patches, stickers, locks, clothing, etc.

The staff here is very helpful. I purchased a fixed gear from them in 2008, and throughout the process of them constructing my bicycle, they kept me in the know about everything that was going on. Their mission statement is:

To those cycling our streets: We salute you. You are the vanguard, reinventing how we commute through American cities. You inspired us to start this company.

Mission Bicycles are made of steel, weigh less than twenty pounds, and are built to last a lifetime. Each one is custom built, part by part, in San Francisco, California.

We will build you the bicycle of your dreams.

Mission Bicycle Company

Go to their website or storefront and mess around with the customization process. Once you do, I guarantee that you will purchase one soon after!

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Photos courtesy of Mission Bicycle

Mission Bicycle from Karen Abad on Vimeo.

Shop Vitals

Address: 766 Valencia Street, San Francisco, California 94110

Phone: (415)683-6166



Twitter: @mission_bicycle

Facebook: Mission Bicycle